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Product Information


Specialized design resists convection and dust


Designed from recycled/recyclable polycarbonate


Single base plate design offers thermal insulation


Designed for easy disassembly of parts

Kunt cabinets are installed in telecommunication networks and are used for the installation of cable-end-cable distribution, telecommunication and broad band communication equipment.


YAK-50/1 and 50/2 are designed with closed hoods, which prevent convection and dust deposits. They provide thermal insulation to avoid the formation of condensed water due to rapid temperature variations. This protection type is attained with only one base plate.

The cabinets are manufactured from reinforced polycarbonate, by way of an injection molding process. The material polycarbonate is completely recyclable and can reenter the production process again.


The basic construction of the cabinets, e.g. empty housing, consist of three factory assembled main parts:

Top: The top is flush with the sides so that an even installation of cabinets can be achieved.  Only the front side has a projection, to act as a water drop.

Cabinet Body:  Each side of the cabinet body is provided with a preimpressed pointof berak-through, which makes it possible to run cables from one cabinet into another in serial arrangements.  For this purpose, a cable protection tube must be installed.

Door:  Doors are profiled to impede poster applications or to facilitate their removal, and are secured by the hinge with a special latch.  Doors can be opened to an angle of 110 degrees.  All cabinets with one door are designed for attachment on either the right or left side.

Like the cabinets themselves, the bases are designed for easy disassembly for repair and demounting purposes.  Bases provide an installation opening in the upper portion, which can be closed with a panel without ventilation.  These bases are a.g. installed as substructures for cable distribution cabinets in telecommunications networks.  The bases have breaking points, which ensure a reduction in repair cost and failure rate.


YAK - 50 Cabinets



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