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Kunt Elektronik is globally recognized as one of the leading companies in the invention, development and manufacturing of  jointing and terminating  Telecom equipment and as supplier of sophisticated 'added value' communication applications and services to various business fields. This distinction is the result of nearly a half-century of designing, engineering and manufacturing  for customers throughout the world.

Kunt Elektronik was established in 1955. Contributing to the private market of the local household electricity segment by manufacturing household installation equipments

After the decision to diversify its effort into the  Telecom sector in the late sixties, Kunt started to manufacture telephone network accessories in Turkey.

Throughout the years, the company has been investing in the research and development of new generation products and specialized equipment, as well as in the reorganization of its facilities. Kunt deploys 'State of the Art Technology'  in its Manufacturing processes which are supplied from top companies throughout the world.

The expertise built up over the years allowed KUNT A.S to become one of the main rival between several world leader companies in terms of reliability and consistent quality.

From a relatively local operation to become one of the industry leaders, a company must be versatile and highly motivated, innovative and competitive. KUNT was built around these qualities, and has improved upon them with its years of acquired experience.

After its market penetration in different continents, Kunt Elektronik established in 1997  the trading company, KUSTT INC. in New York for its Telecom product line to supply the American market with Outside Plant Telecom equipment.

Kunt Elektronik founded its 'new' export company 'KUNTES' in order to serve its customers with an optimum  'Quality of Service'.

In parallel to its regular operations, Kunt is successfully private labeling as OEM supplier for many well known companies worldwide (e.g. Ericsson , Corning, Tyco) whereby its products are sold to various international Telecom Authorities.

Kunt Elektronik has been working sucessfully as system integrator with GSM operators on turnkey basis for the deployment of sophisticated projects in close co-operation with its Project Department.

Certificates like the 'ISO-9002 Certificate', The specialized staff of KUNT A.S is working in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 and  QS 9000 Quality Safety System Standards.

Today, Kunt is located in its new factory in the Industrial Zone in Ikitelli/ Istanbul which  has a size of  35.000 square meters.

The Company's ambition is to continue to initiate and achieve technological breakthroughs that characterize one of the best in the industry.


June 2006

  • Kunt Elektronik/ KUSTT INC.  will be exhibiting from the 5th – 7th of June 2006 at the  OSP EXPO 2006 in Chicago, IL
    Booth number 65019

April 2006

  • Kunt Elektronik will be attending  the Caspian Telecom 2006 Conference held on 11 – 13.04.2006 in Istanbul
  • Kunt Elektronik wins tender of Deutsche Telekom. Kunt Elektronik has been awarded for the purchase  of 20 pair multipair connectors with a frame contract for the next 2 years

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