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Product Information

YAK-12 pluggable module is designed for use in bridging applications with the YAK-3 module and also mates with other YAK-12 plugabble module, allowing multiple counts as much as necessary.

YAK-12 pluggable module permits you to rearrange and transfer working circuits without interrupting service.

The YAK-12 pluggable module will accomodate 0,35-0,80 mm (27-20 AWG) copper conductor with a maximum outer diameter of 1,65 mm (0,065 in).

YAK-12 module will increase productivity and efficiency and eliminate expenses by reducing the time used for cutting and resplicing conductors.

YAK-12 modules decreases the installation time, reworking demands and makes saving time and effort in craft's construction and maintenance.

Transfering without cutting and resplicing:
With KUNT Yak-12 pluggable module you can transfer 25 pairs at a time without cutting and resplicing the conductors. The only thing you need to do with Yak-12 is to plug and unplug to the existing 25 pair Yak-3 module of KUNT.

When it is required you can transfer approximately 100-200 pair per hour instead of 300 pair per day in the old system.

Cutting in and out load coils:
As shown in the figure the procedures stated with KUNT Yak-12 pluggable module there is no need for strapping and circuits are not interrupted. The only thing you need to do is to connect and disconnect by plugging to the top and bottom of existing 25 pair Yak-3 module of KUNT.

High efficiency in testing capabilities:
KUNT Yak-12 module permits easy access for testing and transferring with either single or 25 pair test probes without interrupting services and avoid customer inconvenience.
The test set cords terminated with YAK-12 modules, are plugged into a working cable modules and the relief cable. Circuits are verified, then held through the test set while the transfer is made. The test set is then unplugged and continuation of service is maintained.

Advantages of preconnecting:
Cable stubs, test sets, terminals, load coils and other apparatus can preconnectorized at work centre of Telecom Company, reducing the labor cost to the minimum and avoiding splicing errors. KUNT Yak-12 pluggable module is spliced for ever, it is simply plugged, unplugged and replugged as the job demands.
The Module covers, bodies, and bases are produced from durable polycarbonate, and compatible with materials common to telecommunication products and also these parts are color-coded, yellow, blue and red to easy identify.
For the later rearrangements or transfers the covers matte finish could accept pen or pencil for the pair identification.



Wire Diameter                 

Maximum outer diameter





1,65 mm (0,065 in)





25 Pair pluggable module, dry


25 Pair pluggable module, on strip gely


25 Pair pluggable module, flame retardant (UL 94V-0)


25 Pair pluggable module, transparent

YAK - 12 Connector



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